Saving the trails at Sprague

6 years 7 months ago - 6 years 7 months ago #44133 by Sliders Guy
This will probably be my last post. I am the current VP and if my trail condition posts are going to be moved and debated, then what’s the point. Not to mention most of the time the conversations are fueled by people who aren't members, don’t have “time” to help with trail work or just come in to start controversy.

The original point that got completely lost is that 70% of the mountain bikers in WNY have no idea what the club does or what its policies are. Sprague, among many of our areas is not owned by the club. They are parks owned by the tax payers. We have been given permission to build and ride in these locations. As much as it pains us, the general population will go out and destroy our work. That unfortunately is part of the game. Unless the club wants to go buy 100 acres somewhere and build a WNYMBA park, trails are open to all and during park hours regardless of weather or conditions. As much as I hate to admit it indigo22 is right in mentioning the helmet topic. It is a county park rule that helmets are to be worn on county property trails. We aren't out there kicking people out because they have no helmet. Riding or hiking trails in the rain is not against the rules but yet we are trying to stop people.

We can educate and ask people to defer from riding but in the end it is up to them. I guess I should have mentioned that I do tell people that the club frowns on riding in the recent conditions. Most say "oh" and head up there anyway. The comment "It’s raining and muddy, No riding the brook." would be like me telling people "It's icy and thin, no skiing at KB." Again it is the choice of the individual and they are going to go when they have time. Not all mountain bikers are looking to go out and ride 20 miles. A lot of folks are satisfied or are at a point where 3-5 miles is enough.

We do have a lot more riders paying attention to the club communications due to our recent efforts. This why I posted the "It's wet and muddy but if you have to go out....." If we start closing trails, we will get more grief then just dealing with routine repair work.

Scotto made a game time decision to change the route of the race course and avoid the areas that would be most impacted. There have been many times that I have questioned some decisions and we have talked and came to agreements like adults. Compromise and communication is the key to success in any arena.

In closing, if you want true life trail conditions call me at the shop, email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or check the shop Facebook page as I will no longer be using this forum to communicate.

Sliders Guy
Colden, NY

Chains and shifters are history.
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6 years 7 months ago #44129 by Garick
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The race course was modified last night. The main loop and accidental trail were removed completely along with the field sections. The snowmobile trail and the newer trails near it, which hold up pretty well, were the only sections used in the race. Definitely the right call, keeping traffic off of the main loop and avoiding the fields for the sake of the racers.

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6 years 7 months ago #44128 by boogenman
There were major changes done yesterday for the race so damage would be at a minimum.

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6 years 7 months ago #44126 by adam
Replied by adam on topic Saving the trails at Sprague
I also want to say thanks for all the maintenance that has been done, as well as new trails, and reroutes that have been done!! I know Greg does a lot of this, And I thank You.
And I Love Riding the brook more and more as each year it gets better!

Thanks again


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6 years 7 months ago #44123 by TJ_Zydel

ahhhhh dude...

Director of Marketing and Promotions

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6 years 7 months ago #44121 by Jon Sundquist
I am concerned about the race, but I'm withholding judgment until an on-the-ground report comes in. Otherwise, it risks "boy cries wolf" syndrome.

For the most part, the race loop follows sections that are pretty sustainable, or in the case of that one snow-fenced snowmobile section, are always wet and not going to change.

The exceptions are as you get near the accidental trail, and the extension through the field. Greg put additional gravel on that one accidental trail turn, but there are still wet areas through there.

The field is basically a race-only section, and should probably be closed off after the series. It would recover in no time without traffic.

I have one last school function to go to tonight, so I won't be there.

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