Where to build jumps/drops/berms....

6 years 3 months ago #44347 by rgunn26
Where(and what) exactly is HHE? The search engine I used says HHE=Health Hazard Evaluation...:)

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6 years 3 months ago #44346 by Painfulldischarge
I know its not super close to Buffalo, but pretty close, and I thought its been on here before as a place for gravity riding, but why not approach HV? Some of the ski resorts down here in PA have pretty nice and active bike parks in the summer. Seems like HV is always looking for things to add to make it a fun year round.

That is also a nice offer by Twight. We have a bunch of trail systems with free ride features scattered throughout that seem to pass muster with the land managers or at least they don't bother to destroy so long as they are made with natural materials - rocks, dirt, logs- and there is an alternate line. I've seen some pretty sick log rides made with a chainsaw and some deadfall and decent drops off a rock outcrop on the side of the single track. These aren't so much the gravity riding I think the OP is talking about - for that it would seem like a ski resort would be the route to go.

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6 years 3 months ago - 6 years 3 months ago #44345 by twright
HHE is likely too much of a drive for some, but come on down, let's see what you were thinking for alternate lines that allow some air... no NorthShore stuff. just do it with berms, clay, rock and logs.. you put them in.. I'll do my best to maintain them...

HHE got built because I was bored with what was available close by, and didn't want to waste time driving when I could be riding... now gettin' closer to 12 miles of single track..

Land Managers have the final say, but as long as it's done sensibly, and doesn't become a hazard, I'd think there are possibilities out there. Get some like minded folks together, get to a meeting, the Club has tools, the relationship, and some volunteering folk, I know I'd give a day to feature building, rather than deberming and nicking..

But just so you know , I get very uneasy with both wheels off the ground at the same time.. i'm a wuss.. so just saying I may not be riding all the features,, but not against helping build them..
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6 years 3 months ago #44342 by Jon Sundquist
I rode Shindagin in Ithaca a week ago and the club there machine built in some great berms with alt lines. Was a lot of fun. Would like to see more of that around here.

Contact Gene Melnik. He recently had some ideas for some new trails, different from how WNYMBA has built in the past. WNYMBA put their support behind him and it looks like it will be happening after a lot of work on Gene's part. These would be more beginner type trails at Darien Lakes.

And remember, nothing on the forum has anything to do with WNYMBA, the club. It just provides the bandwidth.

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6 years 3 months ago #44340 by penguin
If WNYMBA is generally considered a XC/race type of club then one could assume that most of its members are interested in those aspects of mountain biking. The riders who are more interested in other types of riding probably do not join. If you then ask existing members for support on a different type of riding and get a very lukewarm response it would make sense. In order for the club to change it's image, there would have to be a influx of new members to join that are interested in the other types of riding/trails.
Does that make any sense?
The CX race at BSC was a blast on cross bike- slippery fun with canti's!


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6 years 3 months ago #44339 by TJ_Zydel
sooo...when is the last time any of you been to a meeting...sat down with an Erie County official or a nys official?! just wondering. wnymba is mot anti more trails, fun trails, hard trails, jumps etc...just saying...

ahhhhh dude...



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