Saving the trails at Sprague

6 years 7 months ago #44108 by adam
Replied by adam on topic Saving the trails at Sprague
As a bike shop owner, I would think it should be part of your routine to educate people that "didn't know any better".

Its raining and muddy, No riding the brook.

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6 years 7 months ago #44093 by Sliders Guy
So I did ride yesterday but only certain parts I knew would be safe. I also looked at areas in need of repair. Ethics or not, not all WNY mountain bikers are members or on this forum. Campers and weekend warriors go out no matter what. They have no idea what trail sustainability is. My shop was busy with riders yesterday. Most were non members. The ones who were stayed on the safe stuff. Skunk, Creekside, Foote and the Snowmobile climb were in good shape cause the club builds good trails. The biggest hazzard was the silt left behind by fast running water. It's greasy and like ice when hit at an angle. Every trail that is dug down to the hard pack was solid, the water ran right off. The roots were slick but they kind of armor the trail in spots. So in closing, yes you should not ride if you are not willing to be safe, stay on the trail and avoid the nagging mud areas.

Sliders Guy
Colden, NY

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