Sprague Brook

Sprague Brook is a great WNYMBA success story.  While we have been riding there since WNYMBA's start in 1992, the riding options were limited to just the XC Ski loop and some short Snowmobile trails that were often quite muddy. However, the park had tons of potential.

In 2002, the Erie County Parks department started a master planning process for all the parks in the system.  This was the opportunity.  WNYMBA lobbied the parks department to include new trails -- to be open to bikes -- in the master plan.  Because of our efforts, the plan included (see page 3 of the plan here) new trails to be open to bikes.

Of course, that was just the start.  We then scouted new trails, and submitted this proposal for the initial loops:

2004 WNYMBA Trail Proposal

This proposal was submitted in 2004 and we started the construction work in 2005 after it's approval.  With the addition of the skunk ridge trail and some other connectors, the trail system is now complete.  However, while we routed the trails along the best drained sections available, there are still some areas that need constant maintenance, so keep an eye on those maintenance days!

Sprague Brook Conditions

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