Moraine, about an hour south of Erie, PA

5 years 10 months ago #43740 by Jon Sundquist
Jon Sundquist replied the topic: Re: Moraine, about an hour south of Erie, PA
What about the Coal Bed Loop ? That is pretty much all-season, right? Or is it still pretty snowy there?

I actually will probably be skiing the Ridge Run loop that we are going to start building next month, to make sure the flagging is still up.

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5 years 10 months ago #43738 by twright
twright created the topic: Moraine, about an hour south of Erie, PA
likely too far of a drive for most folk on here,,, but figured I would toss the invite out in case some folks are really needing to scratch the itch..

Hey mtbrs,
Spring might not be here yet, but its close enough that almost everyone wants to ride.  With the trails at West Branch closed, and most trail systems too soft to use we're heading over to Moraine State Park. 
We'll meet at the Mt. Union Rd. mtb trail parking lot at 1:00, Sunday, March 17.  You can get to this spot from the North Shore park road, or coming south from route 108.  If you need directions to get there, reply to this email.
This is one of our 'slow guys' rides.  That means that riders of all speeds, experience, and fitness levels are invited.  No one gets dropped, and fast guys filter to the front of the pack.  I'll print off a couple of maps so that quicker guys can break away if they want,  while I take my customary spot at the tail end.
Moraine is a technical, rocky trail for the most part, with some significant climbs.  Absolute beginners will likely want to skip this, or adjust their scope to having a short ride.  We'll avoid the absolute toughest of the tech trails, but you'll still be amazed at the variety or rock features that you'll see.
The preliminary route will be heading east down the powerline from Mt. Union, passing the small loops, and then switching from the powerline to the singletrack for the Big Rock downhill.  Then up the other side of the valley, and onto the big loop at the top, heading south towards the marina.  We'll take the abandoned road up to the top of the hill, then back onto the singletrack for the switchback trail climb.  At the top we'll head down the west side of the ridgetop loop, connect up with the top of the big loop, and head back west towards the parking lot.  If there is extra energy we may hit up the Mt. Union Road short loops at the end.  This is like a 5 mile ride, but will feel more like 15.
The temps may not be quite as springlike as this weekend was, so dress accordingly.  Also, this is a good place to wear your extra armor, so bring elbow and knee pads if you want.
Hope to see some of you there.  I'll be the guy in the silver Escort station wagon.

Steve Z

Joining the IMBA group from Youngstown Ohio for an easy group ride at Moraine this coming Sunday, leaving from Sugar Grove area around 10:15.

Speak up if interested in riding in case plans change.

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