650B vs 29er

6 years 4 months ago #41968 by boogenman
boogenman replied the topic: Re: 650B vs 29er
I am seeing a lot of prototype 650b wheeled bikes popping up here and there and have also read a few interveiws from bike company people stating that 650b is going to be the next big thing in MTB's and will probably end up being the norm after the dust settles.

It's the happy medium between 29" and 26" and that makes a lot of sense to someone like me who is still on the fence about a 29" wheel.

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6 years 4 months ago #41967 by TrailHunter
TrailHunter created the topic: 650B vs 29er
Are there any advantages to the 650B vs 29er wheel? I just don't see the point of throwing another wheel size out there on mountain bikes. 650B just seems like something that will fade away eventually...


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