who is a studder

8 years 7 months ago #36150 by pmac225
pmac225 replied the topic: Re: who is a studder
I made my own a few years back and the worked pretty good. I used to ride on frozen creeks and the Niagara River. You still have to take it real easy when you turn.

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8 years 7 months ago #36146 by twright
twright created the topic: who is a studder
after trying to ride up a dirt road that was pretending to be a hockey rink, I am thinking of studded tires. the two that had them seemed to be ginning while I was silently cursing them out....

so, has anyone done their own,, I have seen many ideas on the internet, and was wondering if there have been any creative folk here that have seen success. I am thinking of the pan head, stainless steel screws from inside out on a set of back up knobbies that I have laying around. anyone with advice other than "just go buy a set"...

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