Harris Hill Work Day April 28th...

5 years 9 months ago #43798 by Jon Sundquist
Jon Sundquist replied the topic: Re: Harris Hill Work Day April 28th...
Harris Hill rocks. It's amazing what Thom has gotten accomplished in this state forest.

As a reminder, the entire spring trail work schedule has been posted to the WNYMBA website here:


And of course, it's always accessible from the "Trail Work!" button at the top.

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5 years 9 months ago #43797 by twright
twright created the topic: Harris Hill Work Day April 28th...

If you haven't been down to Harris Hill Ext. consider coming down for this work day. we will be parking at the yellow barrier as the link show on the trail work event... we will be putting in the new loop that runs the top of the ravine. this loop should add about 1.5+ bringing the total mileage of the ext close to 11.5+. I've been flagging the line and clearing some of the corridor, there will be some bench cutting (as always), but enough variety of work for everyone.

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