Trail Building at Peek'n Peak

7 years 3 months ago #41841 by twright
twright replied the topic: Re: Trail Building at Peek'n Peak
tossing my two or three cents in here....

I think we can house the initial info, planning, forum, updates, etc through .. PeeknPeak Project...that can be the place where Paul's initial trail sketch will be, plus info on how things are progressing.

since there is currently no riding at the Peak, we can forget about a dedicated URL.... down the road when there is something to ride, we can toss that info up here on map central and such...

I'm waiting to hear from those on this site (especially the more gravity loving folk, who is willing to consider devoting some time to it. from the center of Buffalo it looks like it's about an hour and 50min. per google. Swain is an hour and 40 min.

it appears that Paul and Jim from Erie have some folks that are interested. so besides riding it,, who is thinking of getting their hands dirty.

as Paul said in earlier post,, not lift access from the get go... but they were talking about the possibility if attendance warrants it.... as well as a race series and event hosting.

the Canterbury Dr. that loops around back of the slopes up on top is certainly rideable. and I believe that it is likely that a planned trail line would also serve those to get back up on top for another ride down...

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7 years 3 months ago #41839 by boogenman
boogenman replied the topic: Re: Trail Building at Peek'n Peak
Access to a 4-wheeler or other all terrain vehicle is always a big plus too. I'm sure they already have those available if this pans out.

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7 years 3 months ago #41838 by boogenman
boogenman replied the topic: Re: Trail Building at Peek'n Peak
I have helped build many of the trails at Plattekill and none of them required more than a couple chainsaws and weedwackers plus the obvious shovels and other hand tools. You don't need heavy equipment until you are building tracks that are going to run a World Cup or National event.

I have a pretty busy summer and a odd work schedule but I would love to help out and hike the terrain to see what it has to offer.

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7 years 3 months ago #41836 by PHeller
PHeller created the topic: Trail Building at Peek'n Peak
Hi folks, I'm Paul Heller from Erie.

2 months ago I sent Scott Enterprises an email about downhill mountain biking at Peek'n Peak. I saw an opportunity: closest resort to Cleveland, not many local trails to compete with, no nearby lift access trails, and a resort that has struggled to make ends meet during short winter seasons.

They replied to my email the very next day, and wanted to meet with me. Not just marketing and operations people, but the Scott Family. Nick Sr and his two sons Nick Jr, Chris, and daughter Allison.

I initially geared my discussion in a "lowest cost" fashion. I didn't want the Scott's to think I was selling snake oil, but rather, would inform them on what local riders were looking for. I wanted to explain the opportunities available to them. These options could include lots of money, or just allowing access for volunteer built trails.

Unfortunately, this is no cheap venture. Fuel for equipment, experienced operators, and associated labor for ONE gravity oriented trail can be $30,000-$60,000. Running a lift isn't a great cost, but retrofitting it for hauling bikes and then having staff to operate it can be pricey. Plus there are any numbers of costs to run ticket booths, control the participants, hire safety personnel...and the list goes on. $ Cha-ching cha-ching cha-ching $

The Scott Family and the staff of Scott Enterprises including Paul Pisano and Brad Gravink were very open to my little schpeal, and asked some good questions. Unfortunately, the Scott's are not mountain bikers.

They don't really know our sport, our passion, our community, or how we may benefit them. They do know that corporate retreats, group events, and golfers tend to spend lots of money.

What really surprised them was the cost of our equipment (far more than golf clubs or ski equipment) and the type of terrain a downhill rider can tackle.

But will that benefit them?

They want to experiment. They want to meet us, the potential riders, the customers, the racers and beer drinks.

Here is what they are offering:

- Mostly free reign of the slopes, and even some areas that are not developed.
( Provided we show them proposed trails prior to build out.)

- Contributions towards event costs.

- Use of their equipment. If we build as much as we can by hand, they'll have their guy with equipment mow, bulldoze, or excavate the hard parts.

- Possible donations towards local clubs.

So how do we start this process?

1) Web Space - We need a blog page, whether of WNYMBA or NAMBA that is dedicated to trail building at Peek'n Peak.
2) Dedicated Peek'n Peak Trail Forum - whether here or on NAMBA
3) Labor - volunteers ready to work as early as next month.

I really would like to see a Peek'n Peak page that has a blog and map, but I'm open to other ideas. Erie will have lots of interested volunteers, but many of our riders don't feel connected to WNYMBA or NAMBA because so much of the stuff you ride is so far away from us. Maybe WNYMBA could host a page with a separate url, " " that links from WNYMBA and NAMBA, but funnels donations and membership into those groups based on location.

I'd love your thoughts and comments on how we can make this happen.

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