Letchworth Trail Conditions

12 years 10 months ago #12843 by Teamhella
Teamhella replied the topic: Mudddddyyyyy!!!!!!
Rode FLT today starting at the Dam. Rode about 10 miles in, then turned around. All I can really say is MUD. Some areas were approx. 5" deep, it was fun though. Leaves are also starting to drop adding to the slickness. Peace!!!!!

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13 years 1 day ago #12294 by alxbrsk
alxbrsk replied the topic: Re: Letchworth Trail Conditions
I rode the FLT from portageville out about 12 miles and back. Trails are dry but there is alot of deadfall on some sections. I didn't realize that there was so many doubletrack sections on the south side of the park. It was still fun though.

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13 years 10 months ago #9766 by penguin
penguin replied the topic: Re: Letchworth Trail Conditions
Rode Sat from Hogsback- trails were leaf covered and in good shape. Creek crossings were slick which is to be expected this time of year.It was a great day for riding!


Mommy- theres a root on the trail! Make it go away! I want my Binkie

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14 years 1 month ago #8723 by Chris Beyer
Chris Beyer replied the topic: Re: Letchworth Trail Conditions
Glad you had a good ride. The trails on the West side can be lots of fun, especially for someone looking for a nice ride in the woods that's not too technical.

You should check out Dryer Road Park in Victor. Legal singletrack built by mountain bikers and hikers together. Call Towpath Bike in Pittsford or Trailblazers in Victor for more info.

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14 years 1 month ago #8722 by elliott
elliott replied the topic: Rode Letchworth (WS) yesterday afternoon...
Good morning all!

First time post, but think I joined last year, as I mainly read. My GF and I are trying to "get into" mt biking, and yesterday was one of our first real rides (we rode in Alleghany last year).

Our ride started at trailhead 3 to 2A coming out by the Council Grounds. We were pressed for time, so we did not do the entire loops (3, 2, 2A). Conditions were fairly decent considering it was pouring rain on our way there. I know, don't ride when wet, but we were on our way there (I took day off and live in Buffalo, she's in Rochester) when it started raining, despite being sunny in Roch. The only mud hole spots was the beginning of trail 3, as the rest was wet, but not puddles. We did get awfully dirty!

Only other bit of advice would be to follow the vague highway sign that mentions exit 8 (on 390) as opposed to the directions of using exit 7. Mt Morris is a mess, and the highway workers weren't all that friendly to boot. We also came in on the FLT side and had to drive to the other side. A nice drive, but we wanted to get to biking! :)

So my thumbs up, as we enjoyed ourselves, and the GF was enthusiatic the whole time. After all these 90 degree days, weather didn't really cooperate when we finally decided to drive all that way to actual ride. Now only if there were more trails not so far away from Rochester (Fairport) and Buffalo, or if we had more time. :\ I guess we'll have to try Tryon and Hunter's to do it more frequently.



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14 years 2 months ago #8479 by alex
alex replied the topic: West side of Letchworth 6/4/05
Rode West Side of Letchworth yesterday, first 3 loops,started at Mt.Morris end...had pre-arranged ride with a friend (sorry I'll be at the next Trail Maintenence day I swear!) and conditions were overall dry, but the gulleys are fairly muddy and need some replacement of rocks etc. Towards the end of the third loop the trail gets harder to follow due to leaves in several sections. Still, some of the best flow singletrack I've ever ridden ! Some really fun downhill swoops too, overall not quite as punishing as E-ville can be, i.e. fewer root sections etc. There are some, just not as relentless. Breath-taking vistas and gorgeous scenery all around...hard to concentrate on the trail ahead !

great conditions to ride !

Happy Trails,

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