Letchworth Trail Conditions

11 years 1 month ago #19488 by michael_moscato
michael_moscato replied the topic: Re: Letchworth Trail Conditions
Letchworth is not super technical but you do need a "real" mountain bike there. It has many, many drop ins and climb outs - dozens of small steep stream crossings.

It is actually a pretty brutal place to ride. I dig it.

Please do not ride there now after all this rain it has to be very muddy and it is very very sensitive - FLT hiking group actually has an office at the Mt Morris dam - they frown on tire tracks - big time.

A lot of work has gone into being able to ride Letchworth - We are very lucky as this is one of the only sections of the FLT we can ride (also the white Trail in Eville) most sectionas are closed to bikes.

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11 years 1 month ago #19486 by hobojoe
hobojoe replied the topic: hybrid
Can anyone tell me if a hybrid bike is suitable for Letchworth? I am not a true mountain bike enthusiast. Thanks!

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11 years 2 months ago #18934 by TrailHunter
TrailHunter replied the topic: Trails Dry ???
Anyone know if the trails will be dry enough for a ride on Sunday?

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12 years 3 months ago #14347 by alex
alex replied the topic: Letchwort trail conditions 5/19/2007-excellent overall
I know the trail isn't officially open, but neither are my legs...if it was wet I was prepared to leave. BUT overall conditions excellent! only a few moist areas in fall-line places so I walked those, but most of the ravines are in decent shape. Next Trail Maint Day we need a chainsaw in there, there's probably 4 or 5 big blowdowns utterly blocking the trail.

A couple of the ravines are in 'Likely Endo' category because they're too deep and too narrow...at least for my skills! I dragged a lot of smaller blowdowns aside so I did my part aside from scouting.

I rode from the Hogsback overlook to just beyond the '12 mile' point and climbed out there to River Road and road-rided back. The climbout was pretty swampy in that saw-grass so walked a lot of that too.

I moved to Churchville recently and Mt.Morris/Hogsback is 45 minutes from my door, so I'll be riding here often and will post conditions. Harriet Hollister is an hour away but that was VERY wet 2 weeks ago and seemed similar to Alleghany -as in too many fire roads and light on single track.

Happy Trails,
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12 years 9 months ago #12998 by BrianB
BrianB replied the topic: Awesome riding to be had.
Rob Hillyard and I called in some comp time and rode the FLT yesterday. Thanks to the newly painted blazes we never lost the trail and had 4.5 hours of bliss. We left from the Hogsback lot and found the trails to be pretty dry except for some climbs that were also runoffs, so they were soft. Note that the River Road feeders are all a mess so if you start at any of those you'll be discouraged. Start at the lot and you'll have fun. The river is HUGE wide these days, to the banks. Never saw it like that before. Must've been 300' wide at points. Saw some whitetails every now and then, and got a flock of turkeys to take flight. Sweet day. Get it while you can!

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12 years 10 months ago #12844 by Jon Sundquist
Jon Sundquist replied the topic: Re: Letchworth Trail Conditions
Also check this post if anyone else was even thinking of riding out at Letchworth:


(hint: don't)

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