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TOPIC: Ride - Wed. May 1st

Re: Ride - Wed. May 1st 1 year 11 months ago #43958

The ride. Started at Eagle, did Mesa, left at the top, turned right up the road after the first part of Porcupine, KC's trail to the white trail, back up to HV, down the snow and Wednesday night course backwards (really fun!), back over to Eagle.

So, you'll need to come back if you ever want to ride Yukon's Lunch, Mutton Hollow, North/Middle/South Pale Al, Rim/Bent rim! As you can imagine, doing it all is quite an epic ride.

Riding white trail like a boss.

Those house sized rocks I was talking about.



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Re: Ride - Wed. May 1st 1 year 11 months ago #43960

You can thank Dennis from E-ville Bike-n-Bean for clearing KCs, Big Merlin and others just before your ride. KC was almost impassible last Saturday. He and other locals have been active getting blowdown removed from a particularly windy winter.
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