Scandia Ride, Sunday Oct. 16th.

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pmac225 replied the topic: Re: Scandia Ride, Sunday Oct. 16th.
That looks like an awesome route! Is that singletrack?

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6 years 4 months ago - 6 years 4 months ago #39683 by twright
twright created the topic: Scandia Ride, Sunday Oct. 16th.
Last Sunday wasn't the greatest in ride weather, but we did get a bit of a riding window.. for those who haven't been down, Scandia is about 25 min. south of Jamestown,NY... most sections of the trail are rather impervious to wet weather. a lot of rocks, very gravely and sandy soils. anyway had a great ride, a few took some falls, but good time had by all. This place is in the backyard of NAMBA. so if anyone ever wants to head down.. let me or Fatguy know.

here is the route over in map your ride

the top loop is just shy of a 10 mile loop... we elected to drop down what Mike calls "an old jeep trail" down to the dam. I call it a hellish descent that made me eat rock and mud. the climb out was offset by some great riding along a stream, hope the image works.
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