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Sweet ride today at Harris HIll.
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TOPIC: Sweet ride today at Harris HIll.

Re: Sweet ride today at Harris HIll. 1 year ago #44449

HHE is leaf free.. I know the weather is not looking all that great for the weekend,, but don't let that stop you...


Re: Sweet ride today at Harris HIll. 1 year ago #44450

oh, and the stone arrived

Re: Sweet ride today at Harris HIll. 1 year ago #44456

Trail work still getting done down in Chaut. County, the MFT (current working name) Loop should come online in Spring 2014.. probably if HHE is blessed with another trail day from WNYMBA in the Spring, we will be able to break through... got about 400 plus yards to go. some benching, (not too much) but some dang Beech groves...


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Re: Sweet ride today at Harris HIll. 1 year ago #44457

forgot another photo

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Re: Sweet ride today at Harris HIll. 1 year ago #44459

I hate beeches.

Also, I need to upgrade Kunena because of this fakepath thing.

HHE trails are awesome.

Re: Sweet ride today at Harris HIll. 1 year ago #44461


long read, but if you skip to page 57... 10 year plan 13 more miles at HHE and 6 miles just up the road, along with possible loops on overland portions, and also some happening over off of west overland..

good news,, good news...

and I am guessing all recall, hunting season starting, up... I'd suggest staying away from HHE till after Thanksgiving Weekend,, it gets pushed pretty heavily in there..... remember, no hunting in PA on Sundays.... planning on riding Scandia this Sunday...

Re: Sweet ride today at Harris HIll. 1 year ago #44465

no, it hasn't snowed much down at HHE,, but bang stick season is in full swing.. so either night ride.. or wait until after December 1st... by then, the men in camo should have harvested most of the bambi.... Hollyloft got a Pug in... just waiting for some folk to get bit by the Fatbug..

" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6oGqNVUud0

Re: Sweet ride today at Harris HIll. 11 months, 3 weeks ago #44476

Go Snowshoeing and have a chance to win a $20 Tim Horton's gift card to score some hot chocolate and timbits...

Snowshoe from Dec. 10th till Dec. 30th.. sign in at the sign in box (each time) at the HHE parking lot. and your name will be entered to win.... please leave a way for me to contact you.. (you can just email me contact info if you don't want to leave it out there...)

Why you ask..... well I have a Fat bike and I plan to use you all, so I can have fun on it. Feel free to snowshoe the lower East Overland as well. tell your friends, neighbors, even your enemies...
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