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650B vs 29er
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TOPIC: 650B vs 29er

Re: 650B vs 29er 1 year, 2 months ago #44226

Trek 650B

It seems that Trek has joined the 650B bandwagon.
  • Lucas
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Re: 650B vs 29er 1 year, 1 month ago #44227

kb voodoo wrote:
It would be cool if someone made a 24.5" wheeled bike.

Long travel (6"-8"), slack head tube angle.

You'd have stiffer, lighter wheels. Quick as lightning acceleration and razor sharp handing, especially in tight turns.

It would be a jumping machine too.

Don't forget, the top of the line Honda motocross bike has a 19" rear wheel, and a 21" front wheel.

10-12 years a ton of downhill bikes came with 24" wheels. Specialized sold the big hit downhill bike with a 26 up front and 24 in the back. Obviously the 24 trend didn't take off, they were just too slow and gave bad ground clearance. When racing overtook the freeride buck scenes they put the final nail in the coffin for 24"

Re: 650B vs 29er 1 year, 1 month ago #44245

For 2014 Giant is phasing the 26" wheel out from all bikes except the Glory and Reign-X. They are also cutting down on 29" wheels and focusing on 27.5".

650B vs 29er 1 year, 1 month ago #44252

for the foreseeable future...2-5+ years... 26" wheels will be phased out. Ll the big and other companies are on board with 29" and 650b. its just a matter of time. Walmart will still sell them as the asian suppliers still have stock of cheap parts...
  • TJ_Zydel
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ahhhhh dude...



Director of Marketing and Promotions

Re: 650B vs 29er 1 year, 1 month ago #44253

TJ_Zydel wrote:
for the foreseeable future...2-5+ years... 26" wheels will be phased out. Ll the big and other companies are on board with 29" and 650b. its just a matter of time. Walmart will still sell them as the asian suppliers still have stock of cheap parts...

26" wheels will never totally go away. Maybe big companies like Giant and Trek will phase them out, but I would never buy one of their cookie cutter bikes anyway.

I believe 29" will definitely go away for good at some point though.
The 1970's: No knee pads, helmets, brakes, or over cautious soccer mom's. It's just how we rolled...

Re: 650B vs 29er 1 year ago #44312

I bought a 650B bike this year to see what all the buzz is about. I purchased a Jamis Nemesis 650B hardtail. I did that after riding a Jamis Dragon 650B at a few trade shows and having a hard time not grinning ear to ear. The Nemesis was about $1,000 chaper... 650B is just more fun to ride, kinda like a 26 with better roll-over-ability, not as much as a 29er, but enough for most trails. At the end of the day if you could own a sick 26, 27.5, 29er you could pick the bike for the trail, but most of us can't afford that. The industry is moving towards a 29er/650b world, good bye 26" except for DH and kids bikes. The slightly smaller wheel size allows for many more geometry/travel/size options. Though, at 6"4" I'm the ideal customer for a 29er, I'm really excited about the new wheel size. I agree that more standards are not what we need, but if something is better/different/fun, maybe it's worth it.

Re: 650B vs 29er 1 year ago #44359

i agree three wheel sizes seems a bit overkill, but in the industrys need to make something new and exciting, i dont see it as a bad thing. people who ride groomed trails and mostly XC will appreciate the rolling speed and rollover ability of a 29r, the downhill/freeride folks will no doubt continue using 26" wheels largely due to the lateral stiffness and avalibility of high end parts, and for the trail riders/all mountain/enduro folks there is the 27.5" size mixing the two extremes. frame geometry wont allow a truly slack and agressive geo within the constraints of the 29" size, but can be masaged into an awesome bike/frame in the 27.5" size.

Honestly though this shouldnt be an issue for anyone, at the end of the day who cares how big your wheels are as long as your hitting the dirt? At the end of the day this is a purchase decision, and when your looking at ta new bike or upgrading you have another option. which is better? throw a leg over one you havent ridden and hit your favorite trail. Which ever makes you ahve more fun is the one to get.

I ride a 6" travel all mountain bike with 26" wheels, and can moderately keep up on the climbs with my 29" buddies, and can go to the bike park with the DH rig guys too. works for me. find what works for you and ride.
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Re: 650B vs 29er 1 year ago #44362

By the end of the 2014 UCI World Cup season I think most of the DH guys will be on 27.5 wheels.
Now that 27.5 has taken off all the top DH guys will be testing and tweaking 27.5 set ups all winter for the start of the new season.

Re: 650B vs 29er 1 year ago #44364

there are certainly more top DHers at least experimenting with the different wheel sizes, and interestingly shorter travel bikes based on different tracks. most recently brian lopes at the kamakazie DH winning on an IBIS mojo, as well as jared graves atop the podium with an enduro bike at world champs. so it stands to reason that for every track there will be a optimal bike choice. It wont be long before they have 29r specific Dh races, and the UCI will require lycra. now that will be something to see...

Re: 650B vs 29er 1 year ago #44366

Considering that the UCI just banned skinsuits a few years ago I doubt that;-)

Graves and Lopes are always top contenders on tracks where fitness and power are the top priority. The real reason Lopes won the Kamikaze is because he was the only guy in the field that still rides for a living. 4+ minutes at those speeds has to make your limbs feel like jello.

Re: 650B vs 29er 1 year ago #44368

joking about the skin suits... i watched the video of the course at the kamakaze, id take a DH rig over an AM any day for that ride... even if he's racing old timers...

all of this relates to racing which only a small percentage of DHers even do. so for maximum grins, give me the full squish anyday.

as for graves, he competed against some of the WC guys, on a track where the speeds are very fast, and rock gardens are crazy. so its still all about the rider, not the bike. or maybe the balls of the rider...

Boogenman, have you evern been to dryer rd park near rochester? any good?

Re: 650B vs 29er 1 year ago #44374

Never been there
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