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2013 WNYMBA Racing
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TOPIC: 2013 WNYMBA Racing

2013 WNYMBA Racing 2 years ago #43124

This thread has been started so both riders and racers can post comments and/or questions about racing. To start things off, slower_than_u has written an article that goes over some basic etiquette that us veteran racers have taken for granted over our many years of racing.

Re: 2013 WNYMBA Racing 2 years ago #43125

Is there a confirmed date on the winter fest race and is the course set or is it up for discussion.

Re: 2013 WNYMBA Racing 2 years ago #43126

The confirmed date for the Winterfest Race is Sunday, January 27th.
The course will be pretty much the same, hopefully with some more snow.
It maybe be longer with the possibility of adding some groomed sections in the grassy areas.

None 2 years ago #43127

Avoiding excessive trail damage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Either by rerouting or even canceling some events.
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Re: 2013 WNYMBA Racing 2 years ago #43129

With mountain bike races any damage that a race creates is repaired the very soon after.
Canceling is tough because you have to reschedule or loose the money invested. Reroutes are also tough because everyone wants their money's worth of single track. So we have always stuck to the philosophy of the race goes on no matter what. With stating that this is not the norm when it comes to riding, because you can obviously choose not ride causing no damage.

Re: 2013 WNYMBA Racing 2 years ago #43133

If I was a promoter, I would make sure the expert class gets an expert level course in terms of distance and difficulty. There's way too many experts at the end of these races who are just sitting around smiling like they are not even warmed up. There's rarely anyone crying (pinch flats excepted), and their class is full of sports class riders. For instance at the Rally they should be climbing Snowsnake both laps and they should be climbing up Bova and then back down to Snowsnake on the first lap. If you don't see any experts pitching a fit and tossing their bikes into the woods, then you aren't doing something right!
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Re: 2013 WNYMBA Racing 2 years ago #43136

fat guy wrote:
If I was a promoter, I would make sure the expert class gets an expert level course in terms of distance and difficulty.

I agree with you. When I raced DH it was always nice to have a track that was difficult to ride top to bottom fast and error free.

Re: 2013 WNYMBA Racing 2 years ago #43138

Just curious about something. Instead of having beginner, sport, expert classes, was there, is there, or will there be talk about going to the licencing system that the USCA has? It is likely too close to the new year to implement for the upcoming season. It seems a good handful of people are racing other events that require a USCA licence like road races or cyclocross. It would just be an add-on I believe to their current licence. I am not saying this should or should not be implemented, just seeing if it was ever brought up. It could make events more even per class and possibly more inviting to newer racers.

Re: 2013 WNYMBA Racing 2 years ago #43139

Scottish wrote:
It could make events more even per class and possibly more inviting to newer racers.

Maybe I'm missing something here, but how does having a national license make things easier for noobs? If anything, I'd say being licensed would scare off beginners.

I know of a few races where they take the USA license (Farmall comes to mind). Usually if you've got the license entry fee is -$5 bucks. Which is nice, but then you need to recoup your license fee. And alot of races will require a 'one-day' license, rolled into your race entry fee.

If I remember correctly, running sanctioned events sucks for the race promoter. Personally, I don't think it makes the event better, easier to enter, or help to keep the classes fair.

Now, online pre-reg (regardless of license), that's a different story.
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Re: 2013 WNYMBA Racing 2 years ago #43140

While I certainly don't like this description of how Scotto and I structure categories and attempt to insure people are in the correct class;

"shamed into self selecting the correct ability-based category" by "grass roots" race promoters operating without "any kind of coherent governance structure at the local level"

I'm not convinced that a sanctioning body with all it's rules is the answer for our WNYMBA races. Scotto has researched USAC and the like much more than I have so I'll defer to him.

Regarding this;
Scottish wrote:
It could make events more even per class and possibly more inviting to newer racers.

At a local USAC event held this past weekend, Bikereg showed 123 registered. The results show 63 racers in the Cat 4/Citizens category. 65 if you count two DNF's.

How is this making events "more even per class"? Are USAC MTB categories structured differently?

Our goal is to get prizes(preferably cash) into the hands of as many racers as possible.
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Re: 2013 WNYMBA Racing 2 years ago #43141

First lets not confuse things by trying to compare mountain bike racing with road or cross racing. These are totally different diciplines with totally different classes and licensing structures that do not carry over between each other. One of the major reasons why NORBA collapsed was that USAC was trying to run them much like road races, but that's off topic and a long story.
We went the USAC route last year (2011), didn't make any difference at all. Basically just more paperwork and fees. The licensing isn't as simple as adding on a mountain bike license either. Believe me I went as far as becoming an USAC official to try and run things sanctioned, but after doing it for a year, we decided it wasn't needed for our races.
We also came to the realization that sanction was not needed to bring new racers in or police our classes. We feel that 10 year increment age groups and three skill classes divides everyone up into fair competative groups. Most people are good sports and want to challenge themselves so although sandbagging happens, there are very few that do it and it doesn't discourage others from racing. Racers pretty much know which class they should be racing in and sandbaggers usually get the hint from all the drama and gossip at the races.

Re: 2013 WNYMBA Racing 2 years ago #43142

That is the answer I was looking for thanks.
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