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Are Trails Becoming Too Manicured?
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TOPIC: Are Trails Becoming Too Manicured?

Are Trails Becoming Too Manicured? 1 year, 6 months ago #44187

An interesting post from Pinkbike the other day.

Are Trails Becoming Too Manicured?

Not that we have the same type of trails around here, but it is interesting to consider when building or maintaining trails.

I can see a place for both "flowy" trails and "technical" trails. It is possible that we just don't have enough trails around here to not have to try and blend the two. It may be difficult terrain for beginners, but if it is tamed down too much, it can make it less challenging for others.
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Re: Are Trails Becoming Too Manicured? 1 year, 6 months ago #44188

I love a technical trail, but I think a very fast "flowy" trail could be allot of fun. I have ridden trails like that out west (Utah, Nevada) in the desert.
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Re: Are Trails Becoming Too Manicured? 1 year, 6 months ago #44191

I wish I had enough trails around to complain about how they are built.
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Re: Are Trails Becoming Too Manicured? 1 year, 6 months ago #44193

Manicured and too easy are two completely different things. Most of the time a manicured trail is nothing more than making the trail faster and flow better.

It is also very difficult to make a comparison between our local trails and what you would ride at a place with lift access. If you are looking at a place with lift access I think it is best to have a little bit of both which pretty much every place I have ridden has. I have heard a lot of complaints about Mountain Creek in Vernon, NJ being manicured to much but they also have rock gardens there that that are insane.

Re: Are Trails Becoming Too Manicured? 1 year, 4 months ago #44361

in general trails are becoming more manicured, and some of them should be, and some should not.

flow trails have berms, smooth surfaces, and make use of elevation gain and loss to create interest rather than natural features and natural challange.

more normal trails have been overgroomed for the sake of good drainage and or removal of duff or topsoil material to promote drainage instead of erosion.

which you like better is preference, a truly great trail does combine both but only at certain skill levels. you cant have a tecnically challanging trail that flows well at all speeds. a trail ridden slowly by a beginner might seem overly technical, while ridden at a higher speed might not seem challengin enough to an advanced rider. new mtb trails should be built with a certain skilled rider in mind, multi use trails and high traffic trails should be built differently than mtb specific trails. just going out and benching and clearing isnt going to make great trails, it takes loads of forethought and some decisions based ont he end user.

thats just my $0.02
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