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This Saturday Harris Hill trail day.
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TOPIC: This Saturday Harris Hill trail day.

This Saturday Harris Hill trail day. 2 years, 8 months ago #41192

Hope to see some of you down in Chaut. County for the second push of the new loop... meeting at 10 am at the East Overland Parking lot....


we will need to carpool a bit down the 2/3 of a mile to the gas lease road, they would like to keep the number of cars down. but the good news it won't be a forced march of 25 minutes to get to work, just a couple hundred yards.

some heavy benching to get up from the creek, and the trail corridor needs to be opened up.. so there will be jobs and tools for everyone's specialty...

I am putting faith into the weather forecast. so bring your bikes, Harris Hill ext. and the lower overland should be fine..

on the pic below, the yellow highlighted section is from the first work day we had.. and the orange highlighted section towards the top is what I hope we get accomplished...



Re: This Saturday Harris Hill trail day. 2 years, 8 months ago #41198

if you are planning on coming, could you shoot me a pm.... trying to figure out food needs... if you already rsvp'd on facebook don't worry..

Re: This Saturday Harris Hill trail day. 2 years, 8 months ago #41240

thanks for those who came out and did some massive benching and tread work, wnymba and namba have made a strong showing at both big trail days at harris hill.. the new loop is maybe 30 % done.. but it's the hard 30%.. I will be sure to announce when the loop is completed.

for those who rode, if you happen to have any thoughts, comments or ideas, after riding the 3 loops. feel free to let me know what to have more of.. less of... etc... I am always open to ideas..


Re: This Saturday Harris Hill trail day. 2 years, 7 months ago #41621

just to keep bodie6 honest:-P I wanted to post up here that he owes me an ice cream cone if I get the new loop open by the end of July. not necessarily an easy task, but where ice cream is involved, there is that extra motivation.

below are pics of the gully crossing that we initially worked on the first wnymba trail day at harris hill.... tweaked the descent and the line back up, and a few of us have been riding it weekly to get the tread burned in....

I consider my riding the lowest common denominator ( that is if I can grunt up it,, it's workable.) and I can tell you I can make it up.. the more the tread wears in.. the smoother it will be...

most weekends I will be devoting at least one day to this new loop. and likely some afternoons during the week as well. I know it's prime race and ride season.. but if you find yourself heading down this way and plan to ride, let me know,, if you have a few hours to spare swinging a mcleod, all the better.

the gully crossing


now it's rideable


tweaked the approach a bit


the climb on the other side a bit narrow and line didn't quite match up to the crossing i did. so...


Re: This Saturday Harris Hill trail day. 2 years, 7 months ago #41670

continuing to work on new loop. Jake and Paul opened up the corridor at the beginning, so at least it's an out and back right now.. some pics from the work day, drag box snagged a stick,oops...

trail line at top of ridge



the trees we like to call the pillar of hercules


gettin closer to ride time

Re: This Saturday Harris Hill trail day. 2 years, 4 months ago #42823

The "new loop" that two wnymba dedicated trail days went into this year, has actually evolved into 3 stacked loops. the first and second are done and are getting some nice comments,, the third is being considered for a slight variation, so it may not be finished by winter.. although who knows... the third loop won't have huge elevation, but if it happens they way I hope it does, it will be (feature packed) although natural not lumber... and it should be a lot of fun.. these new stacked loops when all complete should bring us about 3.5 miles more... so for sole single track we should be just shy of 10 plus,, and the lower east overland's out and back could give you a total of 18 miles.

Next year, we cross the ravine for the next loop, I am guessing that will be about a 3 to 4 miles addition..

there is a standard thursday night ride (lights) but if you find yourself down in Chaut. County, and want to check it out, just follow No Dab to #5.. the new stacked loop section departs from there... if you post up on here or facebook, I am sure some chaut. county locals would be happy to meet you out there.

if the image comes through the last new loop is in red at the top... but as I said it might be revised..
you can also see the potential of next year's loop across the ravine..

Re: This Saturday Harris Hill trail day. 2 years, 3 months ago #42885

Thanks to all those who showed up and lent a hand during the two WNYMBA work days. You guys (and gals) really helped move things along. The new loop(s) are super fun and need to be ridden in. If you haven't had a chance to ride them yet, you need to come down to Harris Hill and check them out before the snow starts coming down.


Last Edit: 2 years, 3 months ago by bodie6.

Re: This Saturday Harris Hill trail day. 2 years, 2 months ago #43122

Late notice, but this Saturday Nov. 3rd, I plan to be out at HHE on Lung Buster.... addressing a few issues climbing back up from the stream (this area that wnymba's second work day down here was devoted to) if you happen to have some free time, and feel like getting dirty, pm me, or just show up at the gas lease road above the ravine at 9am..

I am really just expecting myself, but if you show up, there will be plenty of stuff to do... besides the dirty work, I hope to spend some time re-laying out the third loop of this summer's trilogy , tentatively called orange peel... I plan on making this a fun "skill parkish" trail, that will wind it's way through a small clear cut area (yes prickers in our future) (will add to the danger factor) and then across one ravine and follow another... think many log ramps, skinny's and other natural technical features, it won't be overly long.. maybe .5 to .7 miles, and it won't be fast, but it ought to be fun and demanding.

if we have a repeat of last year's Winter and Spring, this section could be open by end of May.. (sorry Bodie6, no ice cream bet, I already owe you one)

next summer, I am shooting to start and hopefully finish the across the ravine loop, working name (foggydog),, this will be a 3 to 4 mile loop with some flood plan trail like this year's Myrtle's Romp. some climbing like Lung Buster, and then a couple of long ridge runs, and some nice flow/grade reversals,

I am hoping to design another drag box that will speed up my clearing of the organic matter, and still at the drawing board stage for designing a power mcleod out of an old snowblower (if you know of a snowblower on the cheap,, let me know)... so I do realize I have a very optimistic (and perhaps not too realistic) time table...

Re: This Saturday Harris Hill trail day. 2 years, 2 months ago #43134

today's work



Re: This Saturday Harris Hill trail day. 2 years, 2 months ago #43148

weather is looking good through the weekend, hopefully a few of us down here get HHE leaf blown, feel free to head down for a visit this weekend. If you haven't been down before, let us know when you are coming and someone should be able to meet you out there..

There is some talk about holding a race down here next Fall... would like to get some input from new riders.

Re: This Saturday Harris Hill trail day. 2 years, 2 months ago #43149

twright wrote:
There is some talk about holding a race down here next Fall... would like to get some input from new riders.

I had heard this through the grapevine and let me say, this sounds like a FANTASTIC idea!! One of these days I'll suck it up and make the two hour drive south to ride there.
Not very fast but havin' fun!

Re: This Saturday Harris Hill trail day. 2 years, 2 months ago #43151

slu- yeah I know 2 hours is a long haul,this is why HHE is where it's at.. I disliked the drive to eville. even though it's only 45 min... now I have trails just 11 min outside my door..., you must be up above Buffalo? or Batavia? seems like the quickest is down I90 to Fredonia,, from Fredonia, you are 20 min. away...

by next fall should have close to 14 to 15 miles of single track... that might make it worth it.
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