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Spencer Park Trail Conditions
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TOPIC: Spencer Park Trail Conditions

Re: Spencer Park Trail Conditions 5 years, 5 months ago #27744

velociped jones wrote:
positively biblical; wet with swarms of attacking insects. it was like a werner herzog movie. you know, "aguirre, the wrath of god". good time. they have cut some new trail and it is carpet smooth. similar feel to the new stuff at holiday valley. even tho' it was raining, it seemed that my impact was pretty minimal. that being said, there was at least one spot where running water was following the trail. it's a 2 hour 15 minute drive to the park. google directions worked good. what do ya get? some killer climbs, a killer view, roots, some rocks but nothing compared to evl, short, tight lines...the insects only attacked once but they followed us for quite awhile stinging the bejebus out of us.
if you do go out, be sure to stop at tom wahl's in avon and get the wahlburger with cheese.
roadside corn is $2 a half dozen on route 5.

Uh, 54 stings and counting. Didn't sleep last night, the itching kept me up!

Course was fantastic, even the re-route was good. I saw the running water on the trail and though oh no, but they held up pretty good.
Can switching to Gieco save you money on car insurance........did the Little Piggy scream wee wee wee all the way home?

Re: Spencer Park Trail Conditions 5 years, 3 months ago #28360


Re: Spencer Park Trail Conditions 4 years, 4 months ago #34441

As of SEPT 2nd 2010...

trail conditions are near perfect. Following this year Suicide 6 race... ran in the rain. the trails were SHOT for a few weeks. After this past week of mid 80's and dry heat. The trails are QUITE dry and fast.. with the exception of a few muddy spots that are firming up nicely.

I suggest parking in the back picnic loop and following the double track off the bottom of the loop. Bear to the right and make a left at the first split in the double track. as the trail starts to head downhill slightly make a right and follow the well worn path of the S6 race course. VERY nice 7 mile loop with a good mix of fast downhills, twisting single track and some healthy climbs. Expect a combination of roots, rocks to make some technical challenging climbs and decents.

Bugs are not a worry right now. Early August seems to be the worst time for bugs.

Trails can be sloppy muddy after any heavy rain.. but currently they are VERY nice and worth a trip!

Re: Spencer Park Trail Conditions 4 years, 4 months ago #34512

Rode trails again this morning. it was lightly raining. Trails remained firm but slightly wet. Didn't rain much more all day. I plan on riding tomorrow again.

Re: Spencer Park Trail Conditions 4 years, 4 months ago #34525

Monday Sept 6th.

Ride was awesome this morning. Barely made 55 degrees at 8am.

Trails were super dry. Really fast. If you've been avoiding Hollister because of either bugs or mud.. now is your time to hit the trails.

There are some loose sticks and branches here and there, and one tree that blocks a trail. It's at a top of a climb and isn't a hindrance we cleared path around a tree so we can keep riding and not step off the bike.

If you aren't familiar with Hollister.. now is the time to ride, since the S6 race course is well burned in and easy to follow.. Great use of single track and double track trails for a well rounded-fast cross country ride.

Re: Spencer Park Trail Conditions 4 years, 4 months ago #34607

Wed Sept 8th:

Rode at 5pm. (We had some rain tues night.) Some light mist while we were riding as well. Trail still had a nice firm base. The top layer was a bit slick here and there. Muddy tires on roots were the biggest issue. Bike was doing a lot of walking around. Certainly still ride worthy. Just expect a bit of a technical ride and some of the rooty climbs were slightly more challenging.

After a dry day or 2 trails should be back to hard pack and mostly dry.

Re: Spencer Park Trail Conditions 4 years, 4 months ago #35009

does anyone read this?

Re: Spencer Park Trail Conditions 4 years, 4 months ago #35013

Not very fast but havin' fun!

Re: Spencer Park Trail Conditions 4 years, 4 months ago #35014

Rode Mon sept 20th and thurs 23th.

Trails were ride-able with a bit of mud in some of the usual sections. Was definitely worth the ride regardless of a little tire spray. the climbs weren't impossible even though the ground was a bit moist.

If you follow the S6 (suicide six) map.
I decided to try the "mattress trail" which loops off of Raccoon Run. NOT even worth attempting. It's all double track, long grass and when you get to the bottom of the loop it's truck tire tracks that are a foot wide and a foot deep sunk down deep into sloppy hill run-off. I'll be avoiding this trail even in the driest summer. Lame.

The leaves are starting to change and some are already on the ground. Not enough to make the trails slippery yet. but im sure it's coming with this onset of colder weather we have in the future.

Re: Spencer Park Trail Conditions 4 years, 4 months ago #35022

Sun Sept 26th:

Trails are extremely dry and hard. As always there are the few dips that collect water and seem to always hold some mud. Both the double and single track trails are firm and fast.

The ground is starting to get scattered with red maple leaves and yellow ash leaves. Still not enough leaves to hide the trails or make things slick.

Some group went through double track trails and marked up a lot of the roots with bright Orange paint. Also painted arrow markings on the trails. I noticed this last year too. Not sure why they do it... whether preparing for the xc snow season or someone setup a beginners race.. not sure...

It appears that a few kids with trucks went through and tore up the park a little bit. some tracks in the grass by the picnic area and there is evidence that they also ran most of the double track trails. Luckily other than one upper grassy area that they did donuts in, the double track trails are not in bad shape. The tire tracks can be seen throughout the park.

This is disappointing.. but looks like no real damage was done to the trail system.

Was pleased to see around a dozen cars and lots of bikers there this morning between 9-11am. Was a beautiful brisk 50* morning!

Re: Spencer Park Trail Conditions 3 years, 8 months ago #38268

May 12th,

Hollister is Very dry right now, I don't think Ive ever seen it this way...

Looks like the XC ski guys were busy there fall/early winter. They cleared out one of the bigger tree tops that was blocking one of the double tracks. Also looks like they had a skidder or dozer in there at some point with some double track cleared of trees.

It doesn't appear to be very well ridden yet. I've been keeping to the back section by sidewinder and have spent some time clearing sticks and some larger branches that are blocking the trails.

Trails are fast, but certainly leaf covered. So cornering can be a bit loose. There is a tree down across lower sidewinder. but there is plenty of time to see it and hop it. a couple ppl could probably slide it off the trail. It's a punky pine tree.

worth checking out before the rain hits next week!...

i'll keep posting how it turns out after next week's rain.
if there is any interest in a trail cleanup ride, post up.

Re: Spencer Park Trail Conditions 3 years, 7 months ago #38509

As of June 12th..

Rode the 9th and 10th. Trails were good and firm. Normal muddy low spots were partially hardened over. More like modeling clay consistency. Both hot and humid days. Strawberry flies were slightly annoying, and the horse flys were starting to appear. on the 9th I decided to put on the 35% deet. 10th I made it though without any bites without the use of bug spray but i did inhale a few mosquitos.

Morning of the 12th. we got about an hour worth of steady rain. I'm debating on riding this afternoon after the fog burns off to check conditions.
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