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Ellicottville Conditions
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TOPIC: Ellicottville Conditions

Re: Ellicottville Conditions 3 weeks, 3 days ago #44742

KC trail is really beat up.

Could use some stone on the back half.

We need to stop building more trails and concentrate on maintaining what is already here.

Re: Ellicottville Conditions 3 weeks, 3 days ago #44743

The race loop on HV land was in pretty bad shape, but the white trail, Pale ale, Rim and Little rock city(legal part) were in great shape. Tried to do what appeared to be the FLT bypass, but it dumped me right back on it. Of coarse I didn't see any hikers on it...never do.

Some kick ass downhill trail was put in along the boundary of sky-zone on HV property. Thanks for that. I really gave the suspension a good work-out.

Re: Ellicottville Conditions 5 days, 5 hours ago #44771

The other day I noticed that the map on the Kiosk near the Fire Tower on Mutton Hollow has an X stating "You are here". The map is incorrectly marked and will do nothing but get people lost. Maybe we should change the map, or I`ll take some duct tape and a sharpie marker up there and change it myself.
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