Board meeting Tuesday, Nov. 15

Board meeting 0081Board meetings are where lots of boring stuff happens.  We try to work out boring details about running the club, in order to present to the general membership during our regular meetings.  They aren't a lot of fun, but since WNYMBA isn't a secret organization, any members can come to if they are looking for a snoozefest.  OUr next one is going to be Tuesday Nov. 15 to talk about ebikes (Cattaraugus County contacted us about them), update on membership drive, outer harbor, darien lake, and HV next steps, tool inventory, website, and 2017 goals.  This one will be at Hamburg Brewring @ 7:00 on Nov. 15 (Tuesday) (WNYMBA isn't buying, just in case you wondered).  If you like the nuts and bolts of running a nonprofit, see you there!

Holiday Valley Substantially Competes Construction of the "Flow Trail"


HV reports to us "We finished up all the work on the new section with the mini excavator today only some hand work to do and the trail is basically done. We also are putting in the old log n bog trail back in that starts at the top of morning star and will connect into the new trail near peppermint lane, this will give us an easy way from the top of the hill to the new trail without going to Tannenbaum. Still some hand work to do but excited to start using the new trail"

This is awesome news. I got out today after the rain to get some pictures below. As they say, there is still some hand work to follow up behind the machine work, but it is looking awesome. HV has already started putting in new trail beyond this with the re-establishment of the old log-n-bog trail.

This is the trail that we tried to get the Bell Built grant for, but lost in a close contest.  Hats off to HV for going out an building it for us withouth the grant.

National Trails Day at Hunters Creek, Saturday, June 4

hunterscreek2National Trails Day is next weekend!  

National Trails Day is WNYMBA's traditional "End of the Spring Trail Work Season". We take the summer off to ride (since that's what is is all about!) but end the spring trail work season with a bang. This year for the first time, we are holding NTD at Hunters Creek. It's about time we showed Hunters some NTD love in addition to our regular work days.

The project: We have a great project lined up. As you know, Hunters Creek is pretty much filled up with trails. Usually our HC work days are maintenance of existing trails. This year, we have permission to do a trail modification that will some additional mileage. It is one of the few places left in the park where a new section can be built sustainably, and will add a more logcial crossing of a tributary.

The celebration: We haven't had NTD at Hunters because there were no facilities for the post work feast we usually provide (unlike the Sprague Casino building or HV in E-ville). But this year, we are partnering with 42 North Brewery in East Aurora. Since we all want to get a bit of riding in after working, we will provide some at-the-trailhead refreshments immediately after working. After a ride, we will all regroup at 42 North for some free beer and food to cap off the day. 42 North has just released their "Creekside Session IPA" which is named after Hunters Creek.

If you've signed at Meetup, go ahead  and RSVP over there.  But even if you don't do Meetup, come on by anyway!  See you at the Centerline Parking lot @ 10 AM Saturday!

Fall Trail Work Schedule Announced

Until today, it seemed like summer, after a slow start, was spilling right into September.  So the Fall trail work season has snuck up on us.  Plus, just as we were about to develop the schedule, Holiday Valley surprised us by starting the construction of the new trail formerly known as "Bell Built", and we needed to work the finish work into the schedule.  But we have a bunch of dates set, and may be adding more.  Please check our Trail Work Page for the latest dates.  

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Lots of News!!!!

Rainy day today, just as forecast.  Sucks because no riding, but good because FINALLY, I can get this website updated with all sorts of news.  And I don't have to be thinking "shouldn't I be training for the Shenandoah 100 right now?" any more - knocked an hour-plus off my previous best time last weekend, while getting to watch Dennis Baldwin podium in the SS division!  

I'll get separate articles up for everything, but can you believe this list of stuff happening??

Looks like I have 5 new articles to write.  All written!

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