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Go ahead, submit an article
Written by Jon Sundquist   
Wednesday, 09 February 2011 21:49

You all probably noticed that we have the login only on the front page of the website now.  We want to make sure everyone gets a look at the latest news from WNYMBA, and the place for that is the front page.

You can help keep the content on the front page fresh but submitting an article.  Anyone can do it!  You will see a new menu button on the left.  Click it and type or paste in your article.  An editor will take a look at it, edit if necessary (like make more paragraph breaks so it's easier to read), add in the "read more..." line.  Then it will show up as a feature article.

New Forum is up and running
Written by Jon Sundquist   
Thursday, 20 January 2011 22:53

The new website has a new forum up and running.  The lounge is indeed dead, but we now have a new forum with new discussion categories.  You can still post trail conditions, too, but this is accessed separately through the Trail Conditions Page.  If you miss your old avatar, don't worry, all the old uploaded icons are still available when you edit your profile.  Just select the "olduploads" gallery.

Concerned about posts by the general public that hurt our abilities to get and keep trails open to bicycles, we decided to start a moderation program.  We modeled it on what other bicycle clubs have done, most specifically the Southern Off Road Bicycle Association (SORBA), one of the largest and most successful MTB clubs in the nation.  Moderation will be guided by these specific rules, which most will agree are common sense.  Criticism is still welcome, so long as it is constructive.  Of course, praise and development of new ideas are even better!

WNYMBA Launches new Website
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 26 November 2010 16:24

Six years is a long time in internet time, so it definitely was time for WNYMBA to upgrade its web site technology.  The old site was put together in 2004, using at-the-time state of the art php/MySQL database driven technology.

However, while the various pages were generated dynamically, much of the content was static and had to be edited manually to be updated.  Some elements were tied to the lounge software so that updates could be made through lounge posts.

However, that posed a bigger problem where some folks got to thinking the lounge was WNYMBA rather than a bunch of posts by the community at large.

The County Parks Master Planning Process
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 20 November 2010 15:12

The biggest news of the last decade for Erie County Cyclists has been the County Parks Master Planning process. There had been very little legal bicycling access in Erie County, and what little there is, or opportunity for more, is in the Erie County Parks. WNYMBA worked hard during the master planning process to secure access to riding in county parks. Information on the County Master Planning Process is available at their web site.

The draft final plan for the Erie County Park system was released with fanfare on March 1 2003, complete with prominent newspaper and radio coverage.

Some old News About the Erie County Parks Master Plan
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 20 November 2010 15:10

In anticipation of the release of the draft master plan back in 2002-2003, WNYMBA voted to hire a trail consultant to review the trails at Hunters Creek Park for sustainability and provide recommendations for improvement. After securing permission from the county, WNYMBA, together with financial support from the Western New York Horse Council hired Richard Edwards of the IMBA Trail Solutions Program to spend a week reviewing the trails and make recommendations both in a presentation to the county and in a written report.

The goal was to get the consultant in the field before the snow came, and we thus scheduled the visit for last November. Despite a dusting of snow the day before he arrived, we succeeded,  allowing Rich to view the trails under some wet conditions to see where major problems would be. Rich made a presentation to the county the week he was here, and the written report was finally completed in time for delivery to the county at the final Parks Master Plan public hearing.

Rich’s review was very detailed, having covered all the trails at the park at least once and taking copious notes. The goal for any trail system is to have sustainable, safe, easy to maintain and fun. The key is to have trails that are narrow and non-eroding, which in most cases means dry as well. Perfect examples of this are our trails in Ellicottville.

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