WNYMBA submits comments on the State Forest Management Plan

State Forests are forests managed by the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). These forests are in all corners of the state, and are managed separately and differently from State Parks. For the first time, DEC is implementing a master Management Plan for all the forests in the state.

Heeding the call to comment on the draft State Forest Management Plan, representatives from WNYMBA attended the public meeting at the library in Ellicottville on August 18. This was one of nine public hearings from around the state, one for each of the DEC Regions. WNYMBA was well represented, and provided commentary in general support for the plan and some suggestions on how it can be improved. In general, the plan is supportive of bicycling, but had some worrisome elements, including mentioning for the first time that long-distance trails such as the Finger Lakes Trail (the white trail) would be primarily for hiking (but with some exceptions).

After the public hearings, WNYMBA submitted written comments. A PDF copy of these comments is here:

WNYMBA State Forest Plan Comment Letter

WNYMBA Comments on the Draft State Forest Management Plan

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