Holiday Valley Substantially Competes Construction of the "Flow Trail"


HV reports to us "We finished up all the work on the new section with the mini excavator today only some hand work to do and the trail is basically done. We also are putting in the old log n bog trail back in that starts at the top of morning star and will connect into the new trail near peppermint lane, this will give us an easy way from the top of the hill to the new trail without going to Tannenbaum. Still some hand work to do but excited to start using the new trail"

This is awesome news. I got out today after the rain to get some pictures below. As they say, there is still some hand work to follow up behind the machine work, but it is looking awesome. HV has already started putting in new trail beyond this with the re-establishment of the old log-n-bog trail.

This is the trail that we tried to get the Bell Built grant for, but lost in a close contest.  Hats off to HV for going out an building it for us withouth the grant.

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