Nominations Still Open - Elections In January


Politics ElectionsAhead

Sometimes it’s just not a good idea to skip a club meeting. Especially if you have an aversion to politics.

Our November meeting resulted in a great mix of nominees for 2016 office. Some volunteered to stand for January election on their own, others were “volunteered” in their absence. Either way, we’re happy to present the current list of candidates for WNYMBA’s 2016 executive and advisory boards.

The nominees are:

President – Jon Sundquist

Vice-President – Jerry Barbour, Todd Fiore, Melissa Melnik, Max Walker, Thom Wright

Treasurer – Joe Crumlish

Secretary – Jerry Barbour, Melissa Melnik, Mary Walker

         Advisory Board (4) – Jim Allen, Ben Clauss, Greg Culver, Paul Marko, Melissa Melnik, Mike Moscato, Max Walker, TJ Zydel

Other news ...

Current President Jim Allen has been impeached is stepping down after two years of service.

Nominations are not closed – they’ll be open until moments before the vote is taken in January, so don’t hesitate to contact any club officer if you’d like to be considered. Likewise, don’t hesitate to drag your friends out of the shadows if you think they need to serve.

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