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Latest Trail Conditions

Posted below are trail conditions reported by WNYMBA Trail Spotters
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penguin 07/06/14
Rode Eville today most trails in good shape with some mud spots. I rode the  Black trail ( I'm guessing only a short section has been built so far?) into White trail -Rockys up to Buzzards, Mutton Hollow ( cut out two trees) Yukons lunch, porcupine (cut out tree) Big Merlin, sidewinder, Mesa, Rain trail (wet) and part of race loop up to car (parked at tower-too lazy to climb) there is a big tree on Big Merlin that should be removed before 6 hour race. Burrito at Bike and Bean to refuel! Penguin
Ellicottville Conditions
Jon Sundquist 05/07/14
Skidder reports good conditions: He rode Eagle, Sidewinder, Dead Dog, and Big Merlin.Trails were in really nice shape.
Ellicottville Conditions

Sprague Brook

penguin 08/09/14
Rode SB this afternoon- Rode one loop CCW and called it quits! East side has some mudholes- drying up but still there. West side has a ton of mud in certain sections and looks like crap in those areas. Go arounds starting to form at some spots.  Creekside was Ok - Skunk ridge had 4-5 mudholes mostly on the top ridge and upper climb   Penguin
Sprague Brook Conditions
Jon Sundquist 07/23/14
Definitely the worst conditions I've ever seen the Brook.  Needs a long time to dry and a lot of stone.
Sprague Brook Conditions

Hunters Creek

Jon Sundquist 08/27/14
Hunters as good as it gets this week.  Come and get it! With this wet summer, this was actually the first time I've been to hunters this year!
Hunters Creek Conditions
Jon Sundquist 04/04/14
Trails damaged now don't heal all summer.  Just a few weeks more.
Hunters Creek Conditions

Golden Hill


Allegany State Park

Allegheny National Forest

Eastside Overland Trail

Harris Hill/Westside Overland Trail

Harriet Hollister Spencer Park


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Keeping the trails open to bikes means keeping them in good shape.

Some trails just can't handle lots of traffic when wet.  Check conditions before your ride!

There are three ways to check:

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