Update on replacement trail progress

It's near the end of October, the traditional end of the fall trail work season.  However, despite scheduling six work days this fall for the replacement trail, it still is not quite done.  However, we are getting pretty close.  Here is an update on the progress.

Last Spring, we had three work days on this new trail.  Those work days focused on clearing the corridor.  We were successful in getting the whole corridor from the tower on Mutton Hollow Road down to the gated dirt forest road cleared.  That was a lot of work as the woods were very thick here due to the big harvest of 1999.  This was a great accomplishment.  We also got the section from the tower to the intersection with KC trail completely done as a taste of what is to come.

We took the summer off to ride of course, but got back to building in the fall.  We started by working on the tread on this section, receiving a great boost from Thom Wright and his tread scarifier that worked well on this flat section of the trail.  We got the tread done about half way north from the gated road back up towards the tower.

We stopped progress to the north to focus on the short section to the south from the gated road to the end of the reroute at the CCC/McCarty Hill road.  This included building a short section of the single use white trail in order for the very end of the current white trail to remain shared use.  We spent four work days (poor turnout unfortunately due to bad weather) building this section, but it was worth it.  Unlike the section to the north, this trail is more akin to what we are used to building, with location along the edge of a hillside, and through a relatively mature stretch of forest.  This section is now done.

In the meantime, Dennis Baldwin of Ellicottville Bike and Bean set up a few weekday work sessions to work on one particularly rocky section of the new trail.  This section is near the middle of the reroute, where it has the greatest separation from the old route.  There's more work to be done there, but the stuff done to date is awesome and will be a very rideable section of rocks thanks to this effort.


The Toddler also lead one work day in September in the stretch where the new trail parallels the V-rock.  Just as most people have to hike the V-rock, this new section will also be quite the challenge. 

We still have more work to do to finish this trail.  The work is needed on either side of the V-rock, and includes some more rock work on the "new V-rock" as well.  We have scheduled one more work day this coming Sunday.  And as an incentive to get folks to come despite the cold weather forecast, Dennis is offering free breakfast burritos to all who come out to work!

And finally, there really is only one more weekend after that before shotgun season starts.  So the following weekend is really the last chance for us to ride the old white trail.  To put this trail to bed with one last great ride, we have scheduled a "Funeral Ride" on Sunday November 9.  We will enjoy this trail one last time, and share stories of all the great rides we have had on this trail, and maybe share a beverage or two afterward.  And talk about how we are going to continue to work and organize against any more trail losses.

Hope to see you all there at each of these last two events of the 2014 season.

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