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Eville conditions
Written by penguin   
Sunday, 06 July 2014 20:07

Rode Eville today most trails in good shape with some mud spots. I rode the  Black trail ( I'm guessing only a short section has been built so far?) into White trail -Rockys up to Buzzards, Mutton Hollow ( cut out two trees) Yukons lunch, porcupine (cut out tree) Big Merlin, sidewinder, Mesa, Rain trail (wet) and part of race loop up to car (parked at tower-too lazy to climb) there is a big tree on Big Merlin that should be removed before 6 hour race. Burrito at Bike and Bean to refuel!




0 # skidder 2014-08-29 10:41
Trails are the driest they`ve been for a while. Rode up Eagle, Mesa yesterday. Holiday Valley is still a mess as usual, but everything else is pretty good. :-)

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