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Need Volunteers for Holimont Bike Sale




TJ is looking for volunteers to help at the WNYMBA booth at Holimont to spread the good word of our club, attract new membership and talk about our amazing EVL Epic Trail Network! PLEASE RSVP ONLY IF YOU ARE COMING TO HELP ME AT THE WNYMBA BOOTH. All club members and non are invited to attend if you want to score a deal on some bike and ski goods. TJ will most likely being hanging out in town (EVL) and having some beverages and good food after. All are welcome to come hang and discuss your bike and love for the trails.

Saturday, April 27, 2013 (one day only)

HoliMont Main Chalet – Sunset Room/Slopeside Snowsports

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

up to 70% off on ski and bike clothing and accessories

up to 50% off on new and used skis and bikes

everything must go!!

WNYMBA Member’s – get an additional 10%

From Holimont:

"I would like to invite WNYMBA to our ski and bike sale April 27 (see attached flyer). If you would like to setup a booth with information on memberships, bike trails, upcoming events and trial work projects then we have space for you in our main chalet. The cost is free!

We are offering an additional 10% off all of our sale prices for any of your members that show up for the sale. All they have to do is show their current membership card.

We'll have on sale all of our Rocky Mountain rental and demo bikes, bike clothes, shoes, accessories and parts.

Unfortunately we will not be operating our bike rental shop this summer. This is due to construction of the Westmont Project where our bike trails where located. They will be putting in new roads, services and utilities to recently sold building sites in that area.

So everything must go! We will be selling ski and snowsport product as well; cross over product will include gloves, socks, sunglasses, helmet liners and base layers."

Thank You Holimont for the invite!


Holimont Ski Resort

6921 NY Route 242, EllicottvilleNY


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