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Jakes Rocks Project Update

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IMBA\'s Mid Atlantic regional Director had a meeting with some of the folks from the Allegeny National Forest yesterday. The main take away is that... the project is alive and moving forward (kind of like me getting up Eagle,,maybe not as quick as you\'ll would like, but it\'s getting there. Frank feels things are very promising. The PKP, ANF and a few colleges feel confident that the NEPA study will be accomplished in due time.

Some of the decision makers at the ANF out of the Bradford Regional office affirmed their commitment to the project and are going to work with IMBA to secure the Recreational Trail Funds from the State for the Construction. Because of the deadlines, they suggested that the application goes in this Spring,(although it\'s unlikely to pass this first time since not every requirement is met, (the NEPA)). But that it will rise to the top for the following year as a high priority project. The ANF rep stated that on at least two occasions he has discussed the project with Rep. Thompson, who had also expressed his support for the project.

So what does all this mean? They will be going after 3/4 of the funds needed for phase 1. The rest hopefully will come from local and regional sources. Phase 1 trails will be up around Jake\'s Rocks,as well as a trail down to Dew Drop campground and connecting up to Kinzua Point. Approx. 18 miles of machine built (with some hand tool finishing) going through some of the most impressive rock formations that area has to offer. At least one (bike only gravityish) trail will likely be completed in this phase as well.
The most realistic time frame would be start construction in Spring 2015.... and it\'s conceivable that this first phase could be completed in one build season and have some significant Fall riding time.

We Southerner folk will continue to keep you\'ll updated. and remember.. wait for me at the top of Eagle...I\'ll get there sooner or later...

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