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Grant Proposal Submitted
Written by Jon Sundquist   
Monday, 11 February 2013 08:57

Keep your eyes peeled on your computer screens this coming wednesday (Feb 13).

IMBA and Bell helmets will be funding development of three new trails, a DH/gravity trail, a pump track, and a flow trail.  WNYMBA submitted an application for funding under the flow trail category for the Cain Hollow trail, one of the three trails approved by the Allegany State Park Master plan.

IMBA will announce on Wednesday the four finalists for each category.  Keep hitting F5 on your browser over at http://www.imba.com/grants/bell-built on Wednesday to see if we make the cut!



0 # TJ_Zydel 2013-02-11 23:29
This is awesome! One more step to some sweet single track!
0 # Tallboy 2013-02-12 09:47
Jon, I can't thank you enough for all the hard work that went into this application. It's a quality document from start-to-finish . My fingers, like those of all WNYMBA members are crossed, hoping that it's a successful one. Thanks!
0 # Jon Sundquist 2013-02-14 08:59
No news yet. I stopped hitting F5 every 5 minutes.
0 # fat guy 2013-02-15 13:03
IMBA's time measurement is less capricious than Earth's.
0 # Jon Sundquist 2013-02-18 17:25
Oh well, we didn't get it:

Thank you for applying for a Bell Built Grant

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your submission to the 2013 Bell Built Grant program. Unfortunately, your entry was not one of the twelve finalists selected.

We were frankly surprised by the quantity and excellence of the applications; we received over one hundred high quality proposals. There was not one that wasn’t worthy of serious consideration, and we encourage you to continue working on your project.

IMBA's trail building professionals and the Bell Helmets team painstakingly assessed every application using a rating system. The selection committee objectively scored and ranked all of the proposals using ten different variables to narrow down the finalists.

We encourage you to continue following the Bell Built program through Bell Helmets and IMBA's Facebook page and other media. Again, thank you for applying on behalf of your community and thank you for continuing to improve the infrastructure of the great sport of mountain biking.


Rod Judd
On behalf of Bell Bell Helmets and the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA)

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