Warren, PA Jakes Rocks 30 plus miles

Richard Edwards - IMBA trail solutions and Jeremy Wimpey- applied trails research. along with PKP and NAMBA and the staff of the ANF are intending to develop close to 45 miles of stacked loop trails along the south rim of the Kinzu resevoir. the plan is to develop not only sweet single track, but diverse trails, with some gravity trails as well. they learned from raystown lake and intend to make a very different feel.

Timeline: plan by march 2011, ground truing 4/11 flagging,4/11 to 4/13 the NEPA review via ANF, and public comment. (the ANF staff present were very supportive and seemed to me excited and the IMBA guy seemed impressed as well when ANF staff said they hoped to cut it down to 12 months,) so if the gods shine down on us. development could start on phase one (5-10 mile loop) in summer 2012 with it done by August.

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