Top 10 Things About Working With Rock To Reinforce MTB Trails

10. Your co-workers are too exhausted to ride farther or faster than you when everyone finally puts down the shovels.

9.   You get to play with big trucks in the woods just like childhood.

8.   Running that wheelbarrow through the woods and a half-mile down the trail makes you very happy that you sit in an office every day.

7.   You get to take revenge on the mud-hole that made you pucker on that last ride when you dump those crushed #3 rocks down its throat

6.   You get to have lunch in the woods with a bunch of foul-smelling MTB people ..... again.

5.   Leaning on a shovel, watching someone else work, makes you feel like you have a NY State job.

4.   You save wear-and-tear on your bike by working on those sunny days instead of riding.

3.   The chains on the tailgates of Jack Kramer‘s dump trucks never need lube.

2.   There may be way too many of them, but at least the rocks are easy to lift.


1.   Sometimes Todd is working at the other end of the trail, so it‘s pretty quiet at your end!


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