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"Take the Black Trail" Beer Launch Party

Written byMoneyMan
on 01 February 2016
"Take the Black Trail" Beer Launch Party

      Join us on Wednesday February 24 to help launch Resurgence Brewing Company’s latest brew “Take the Black Trail – Black Coffee IPA” a brew created exclusively to support the trails in Western New York. Crafted in collaboration with WNYMBA’s beer subject matter expert Paul Marko this beer captures the true essence of Ellicottville’s Black Trail and rekindles that age old passion between mountain biking and great craft beer. The event will start with a ceremonial bike ride of the first keg from Campus Wheel Works at 6:30p through the Elmwood Village and over to Resurgence Brewery where we’ll have a party to celebrate with food, music, and great prizes. Tickets are $25 includes admission, 3 drink tickets, and food. All proceeds will benefit the WNYMBA trail fund which builds and maintains trails for human powered activity throughout Western New York. 

Winter Fat Biking

Written byJon Sundquist
on 25 January 2016
Winter Fat Biking

Although there's a thaw going on while I write this, we are in the midst of fat biking season.  This year, fat biking is really taking off around here. Campus Wheelworks is running there second annual race out at Byncliff XC ski center in Varysburg.  Last year's race was a hit with a huge turnout.  Don't miss this year's event, being held on Valentine's Day (hence the lack of a singlespeed category!) Meanwhile, Thom Wright has received a grant to help groom the trails at Harris Hill.  Check it out.  Or Contact new VP Thom for more info. WNYMBA is trying to set up a meeting with Erie County regarding Fat Biking on the XC trails at Sprague Brook.  There is quite a bit of research out there showing that true fat bikes, i.e. minimum of 3.5" tire width and low pressure don't sink into snow and float similarly to skating XC skis.  We want to present this to Erie County to get the current prohibition of bikes on the XC trails during groomed skiing conditions...

WNYMBA goes to DIRT RAG'S Dirt Fest

Written byJoe Crumlish
on 12 January 2016
WNYMBA goes to DIRT RAG'S Dirt Fest

WNYMBA is going to DIRT RAG's DirtFest May 20-22. Details on the event at DirtFest. Our group name is "WNYMBA" if you would like to join us, but don't wait to long. The event registration opened 4-Jan and is already half sold out.

Wed. Jan. 20th – 1st Meeting of 2016 – Pizza, Ballots, Elections & More!

Written byTallboy
on 04 January 2016
Wed. Jan. 20th – 1st Meeting of 2016 – Pizza, Ballots, Elections & More!

WNYMBA’s first meeting of the New Year will be your only chance in 2016 to do your civic duty while simultaneously drinking beer and eating pizza. Trust us, when you vote in November, it won’t be this much fun. Join us at 7:00 PM – Wed. Jan. 20th - Santora’s Restaurant, 1402 Millersport Hwy, Amherst, NY 14221 – in the plaza across the street from the Marriott. We’re required to elect new officers each January, but that doesn’t mean that the meeting will be a boring one. First of all, there’s lots to talk about besides voting – like new trails in the Outer Harbor area of downtown Buffalo and at Holiday Valley. And, when we do get around to electing our new officers, we do our best to keep election speeches to zero seconds or less. To this end, mockery of the candidates is strongly encouraged!

HHE in running for grooming funds

Written bythom
on 01 January 2016 45NRTH selected HHE as one of 6 finalists in their Groomed Singletrack Grant competition. This means that they will toss $500 to HHE for making it this far. And if HHE raises the most cash, they will toss $3000 grand our way. Our dreams of a solar powered kegerator is in our grasp.  Well, actually dreams of grooming about 6 miles of singletrack for Fat bikes and cross country skiing,  the funds will be used to support a grooming sled,(fuel, repairs, trailer) as well as investing in a professionally made groomer drag, singage, etc... Please consider tossing  a few bucks this way, the more funds for grooming, means more of Thom's piggy bank can be spent for other trail needs...

Nominations Still Open - Elections In January

Written byTallboy
on 24 November 2015
Nominations Still Open - Elections In January

  Sometimes it’s just not a good idea to skip a club meeting. Especially if you have an aversion to politics. Our November meeting resulted in a great mix of nominees for 2016 office. Some volunteered to stand for January election on their own, others were “volunteered” in their absence. Either way, we’re happy to present the current list of candidates for WNYMBA’s 2016 executive and advisory boards. The nominees are: President – Jon Sundquist Vice-President – Jerry Barbour, Todd Fiore, Melissa Melnik, Max Walker, Thom Wright Treasurer – Joe Crumlish Secretary – Jerry Barbour, Melissa Melnik, Mary Walker          Advisory Board (4) – Jim Allen, Ben Clauss, Greg Culver, Paul Marko, Melissa Melnik, Mike Moscato, Max Walker, TJ Zydel Other news ...

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